Dr. Jason Carthen: Destiny Focused Leadership

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Dr. Jason Carthen!

How often have we seen leaders in organizations succumb to unnecessary panic or reach for the latest fad as a reaction to negative news? Sure, as business owners times change and we need to evolve and change too, but that doesn't mean that our leadership practices have to be irrelevant, in fact it means that we must lead in a way that creates legacy while serving others with a long-term vision for their success! 

In his new book, Destiny Focused Leadership,  bestselling author Dr. Jason Carthen shares the exact strategies and tools that anyone can use to create a legacy as they interact, engage and lead others who are in their care. ​
Perfect for anyone who aspires to lead, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, bloggers, podcasters, or vloggers. In fact, this book is for anyone who seeks to create a lasting legacy that is built on a vision of a preferred future for those they serve. ​

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Destiny Focused Leadership!

​The world needs leaders like Jason Carthen to show us...

​In this book, Dr. Carthen speaks right to the heart of leadership and extends the merciful hand of wisdom by first asking the right questions, and then leading us to the best answer using relatable stories.

Jeff Dudan  //  Undercover Boss and ​CEO of Advanta Clean

Th​is book is an answer to what leadership looks like...

​​I know what a challenge it is to describe or capture all the many aspects of leadership based on my own experience in various leadership roles. It's hard. That's what this book is all about. It's an answer to the question of what leadership, "Destiny Focused Leadership" looks like. Jason has taken "pictures" of the many rooms from various angles and put it all together so each of us can have a clear answer.

​​​William Bares//  ​Former Chief Executive Officer Lubrizol Corp.

​This will change how we view leadership now...

​Dr. Jason has taken the experiences of many leaders and change makers and placed it all in a step by step guide for us to follow while on a path to leadership greatness. At the end of the day, the positive impact of leadership that he describes in Destiny Focused Leadership will change how we view leadership now and in the future!

Amelia Gibbon  //  ​Executive Director Friendly Center